T-Shirt Painting Competition

Face Paint

Writing stupid stuff on one's T-shirt have been legitimate ways of leg pulling since one can remember. At IEM E-Cell, we have upgraded it up a notch, adding an artistic viewpoint and some exotic colours. So if you think you are good at drawing or you want to unleash your creative side with the colours then this is the event for you. The rules are simple: Each team can consist of maximum 4 members. T-shirts and colors will be provided by us.

"Ted let me tell you the secret of life. Every time I make a decision about what to do on a given night I ask myself what would make the best memory twenty years from now?"

- Barney Stinson

So if you think that this would make an awesome memory twenty years from now, then show up at Gurukul Campus, IEM on 26th of February at 4pm. No prior registrations are needed. We'll be waiting.